Internal Auditor FSSC 22000 Version 6

Food safety certifications aim to guarantee the safety of food products, through objective evidence of the control measures implemented.

Risk analysis in information technologies

Information technologies (IT) are resources that are considered essential, as they facilitate processes and communication across organizations

Essential ISO 13485 requirementsand MDSAP Model

Essential ISO 13485 requirementsand MDSAP Model

How to develop a risk matrix to assess food hazards as part of the HACCP plan

A food hazard is one that if present in food causes adverse effects on the health of consumers, and can be: physical, chemical and microbiological.

ISO 13485 International Standard for quality management systems in medical devices

Medical devices are defined as those instruments, devices, equipment, materials or other articles that are used for the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, control, relief or prevention of diseases or injuries in human beings.

The importance of cybersecurity in organizations

Recent attacks by cybercriminal groups on State institutions have exposed the magnitude and seriousness of these crimes, which in the vast majority of the time go unpunished.

Traceability and recall of product from the market in the food industry

More and more countries depend on food imports, so an adequate traceability system is necessary.

International Standard ISO 370001

Corruption is defined as criminal acts committed by officials and authorities who abuse their power, intentionally managing the financial and human resources assigned to them.

Implementation ISO/IEC 27001 International standard for information security management systems

ISO 27001 ensures mechanisms to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Fundamentals of food microbiology.

Since the dawn of civilization, we have lived with the smallest existing forms of life, those responsible for fermentation, deterioration, and poisoning.

International Standard ISO 37001

Corruption is criminal acts committed by officials and authorities who abuse their power.

Increasingly, as consumers or producers, we demand a series of characteristics in the food products we purchase.


Bacterial cells have the ability to adhere to certain surfaces and create a structure resistant to traditional means of cleaning and disinfection.

ISO 27001 internal auditor

IEC / ISO 27001 is an international standard that establishes requirements for information security

Importance of cybersecurity

Undoubtedly, in the modern world, information and communication technologies (ICT) are fundamental to the functioning of organizations and make daily tasks more productive.

The importance of preparing emergency plans, occupational health and waste management in your organization.

The organizations that are established in Costa Rican territory must process the Sanitary Operating Permit, which regulates human activities that affect the health of people and the environment.

ISO 20000-1 and ISO 27001

Information Technology is a term oriented to the tools and techniques used in the management and transmission of information through computing.

Guidelines to prevent coronavirus

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared coronavirus a pandemic, a term that refers to an epidemic disease that spreads to several countries around the world simultaneously.

The importance of ITIL® in organizations

The ITIL® is a worldwide reference framework on the proper management of information technology services.

The importance of emergency plans

In Costa Rica, the regulation establishes that companies must have an emergency plan to minimize the consequences of emergencies.

Importance of Social Responsibility in organizations

Social responsibility tries to influence the labor, environmental and social aspects of clients, workers and communities.


The 5´S tool is a technique that provides benefits in the organization, applying concepts of order, cleanliness and discipline.

Root Cause Analysis

By properly applying the knowledge of problem solving, you will avoid the recurrence of undesirable situations.

Social Responsibility and Human Rights

Social Responsibility has directed the entrepreneur towards environmental, social and cultural issues.

Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP for the food industry

In the food industry, companies have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure that their products are safe.

Security of the information

It is essential that computer systems are protected efficiently and effectively, to safeguard confidential information.

Importance of Good Documentation Practices

Management systems have become a pillar to secure processes,products and services of an organization.

Social Responsability

Social responsibility generates benefits, improves competitiveness, prestige and added value.

The FDA plans to use ISO 13485 for the regulation of medical devices

The replacement of ISO 13485 with its current regulation is an important step in the recognition of this standard.

Improve your tourism company through certifications

The tourism sector is committed to sustainability models, environmental policies and commitment to communities.

Solid and Liquid Waste Management

Daily, a large amount of waste is produced in society, we use disposable products and they are often unnecessary.

Allergen management in the food industry

As consumers, we hope that the food we eat will not cause us any harm to our health, especially if you have allergies.

ISO standards and how they affect consumers

ISO standards provide specifications to ensure that products and services work as expected for your clients.

IATF 16949: 2016 Standard: The new automotive industry standard

The IATF 16949: 2016 standard is important for all types of organizations that are dedicated to providing automotive material.

Occupational health and safety: The ISO 45001 norm has just been issued

Every 15 seconds, a worker dies from an accident or work-related illness and 153 people experience a work-related injury.

Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP in Food Services

According to WHO, more than 70% of cases of foodborne illness originate from improper handling.

ISO 9000 - Quality Management

The ISO 9000 family addresses several aspects of quality management and contains some of the best known ISO standards.

Regulatory Requirements vs. Legal Requirements

Do you know the difference between the implementation of regulatory requirements and legal requirements?

ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety

More than 6,300 people die every day from work-related accidents or illnesses, that is, almost 2.3 million each year *.

Improved customer experience with new standards, for Call Centers

Improve the service offer and customer experience in your Call Centers to guarantee a high level of service.

Measuring the carbon footprint of buildings easily

Although countries have introduced policies to reduce gas emissions, there has been no significant reduction.

Prepare your company for the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standard

The ISO 9001: 2015 standard is emphatic that the quality system facilitates the organization to achieve its purposes.

Questions and answers about ISO 13485

ISO 13485 is the standard that establishes good manufacturing practices for medical devices that are used in medical practice.

What is ISO 20000?

The internationally recognized ISO 20000 standard is specifically created to seek excellence in the management of IT services.

What advantages have a company certified under the norm ISO 14001?

To develop an environmental protection plan, is a must for those companies that want to stand out and add an extra value to its business.

HACCP: essential requirement for food exportation

If your company is dedicated to the food production and your objective is exporting, you need to have the HACCP certification

The 7 steps of SGE for a good consultancy

Do you wish to have a better consultancy service? Be prepared with The 7 steps of SGE for a good consultancy.

Design your Emergency Plan with the help of SGE

Does your company have already the Emergency Plan asked for the Ministry of Health?