Our methodology in this area keeps an approach for processes, where it is evaluated the approval of the management system of the company related to the defined norm as audit criteria. This approach considers the processes as activities that receive entries, becoming them in exits. The exits have to be controlled to assure the compliance of the requirements of the client and the regulatory requirements too.

Our auditor team is highly trained in the management systems it evaluates and it has experience as in the audit industry as well as in the audit process. Additionally, our auditors have experience in the implementation of the audit systems to offer recommendations for improvement, if the company wants to consider them.

Also, our audit process allows the training auditors of the company to be part of all the process with us. This way they can develop the abilities in investigation techniques, strategies for results analysis and communication abilities, observing to our auditors. This benefit has no additional cost and can bring many advantages for the audited company.

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Our confidentiality clause

As a part of the audit process and to keep the confidentiality that clients deserve, SGE is committed to releasing to the company all the registers generated during the audit, including the audit plan, the observations register and the final report.

In the audit contract, it is specified our confidentiality clause, where SGE is committed to keep all the found information safe and to protect the information that belongs to the client. All the documentary evidence, produced during the process, will be under the custody of the company and in our report will appear just the reference to the intern documents.