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Our adit team is highly trained in management systems and has experience both in the audited industry and in the audit process..

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Our training offer allow us to provide our clients with the main knowledge that, in your company, will let you achieve your goals.

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We have a multidisciplinary team, which will guarantee the scope of your objectives

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Through our consultancy services, you can take full advantage of your resources in order to achieve the continuous improvement.

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Our commitment is quality; We propose and deliver excellence solutions.

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There are many reasons why organizations and resource leaders decide to work with us.
19 years of experience

In different consultancy and training management systems. We have provided services to industrial companies, agroindustry, services, etc-, in Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Venezuela, Argentina, among others.

Highly qualified staff

We have a multidisciplinary team, which will guarantee the scope of your objectives.

Personalized service to your company

Our organization is committed to offering our customers high quality services, aimed at improving their managements systems.

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by Marcela Ivanckovich/date 06 09, 2021

Since the dawn of civilization, we have lived with the smallest existing forms of life, those responsible for fermentation, deterioration, and poisoning.
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International Standard ISO 37001

by Marcela Ivankovich/date 18 06, 2021

Corruption is criminal acts committed by officials and authorities who abuse their power.
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by Marcela Ivankovich/date 17 06, 2021

Increasingly, as consumers or producers, we demand a series of characteristics in the food products we purchase.
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