Importance of Good Documentation Practices Marcela Ivankovich

Management systems have become a pillar to secure processes in organizations. Currently, the quality, environment, occupational health and Social Responsibility management systems involve a series of procedures that must be documented in order to define controls that prevent communication errors, standardize the procedures that employees must follow, verify compliance of monitoring and legal or certification requirements, as well as facilitating the traceability of the processes, products and services of an organization.

Documentation, therefore, should not be considered a “static” part of a company, but should be taken as valuable and active information, which contains relevant information, and from which it is possible to perform statistical, graphical analyzes, maps, etc. The way to fill records, storage, storage, modification control, code setting, preparation of a Master Documentation List are examples of managing a company's documentation.

Therefore, advise on how to manage your organization's documentation, as a tool to strengthen your quality management system, prevent errors or substandard acts, comply with legal requirements and establish verification or audit evidence.


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