Social Responsibility and Human Rights

Marcela Ivankovich

Social Responsibility has evolved the entrepreneur's vision towards the inclusion of environmental, social and cultural issues. Because organizations are not isolated entities, this need to achieve a balance between the aforementioned aspects and minimize negative impacts could be appreciated by realizing that an organization is made up of human beings, the surrounding environment, a society that interacts with it and consume its products and services. The main function of a company must be to create, ensure and generate its own benefits and for its own, but it must also contribute to the welfare of society.

Within the scope of the RS are Human Rights, inviolable and universal, which do not vary with the income or size of organizations. Through these, the individual is respected against violations of his dignity, such as: high workload, salaries that do not cover his basic needs, physical and verbal punishment, slavery, labor or sexual harassment, discrimination based on race, religion, sex or orientation. politics, among other forms of discrimination.

On December 10, International Human Rights Day is celebrated, so we invite organizations to establish a Social Responsibility system, as part of enforcing Human Rights.

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