The importance of ITIL® in organizations Marcela Ivankovich

In all organizations, the implementation of good practices is essential to properly manage the services or products offered to the public. In the case of information technologies, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, known as ITIL® (acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a worldwide reference framework on the proper management of information technology. this type of services.

ITIL® constitutes a series of recommendations that together generate a series of advantages in the organizations that implement it. Among them are: opening of new markets, increasing productivity and efficiency of activities, reducing costs, improving the prestige of the organization, which translates into an increase in the client portfolio.

Within the requirements of the ITIL® application, there are: the analysis of the life cycle of the products or services, identification of the processes, the vision of continuous improvement, which makes it compatible with other management systems Information Technology such as: ISO 9001, COBIT, ISO 20000, ISO 270000.

It should be noted that under this system, it is people who demonstrate competence in this series of practices, so training becomes transcendental in organizations. Therefore, train yourself in this indispensable requirement to maintain business continuity in information technology services. Similarly, you can request information about consulting either in this frame of reference or in those cited here.


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