The importance of cybersecurity in organizations Marcela Ivankovich

Recent attacks by cybercriminal groups on state institutions have exposed the magnitude and seriousness of these crimes, which in the vast majority of the time go unpunished. The attack is said to be imminent, but we don't know when or how!

Online attacks and increased cyber risks force companies and each of us to take action to protect our information and that of our customers. Most of the time we think that these problems are going to affect only large companies. However, the attacks are non-targeted, as they focus on the most vulnerable targets and, as we have seen, include large and small companies.

The common variables in organizations that are victims of cybercrime is that they do not have a culture of risks (in general) and less the detection and treatment of these in terms of security or information technology. Nor do they have a budget for this aspect and even less with an organizational culture of prevention, which makes them a more vulnerable and attractive target to carry out this type of attack.

At SGE Consultores we have professionals who support you in the detection of vulnerabilities, generation of policies, procedures and technical recommendations, and not least, the training and awareness of staff in cybersecurity. We support you in the mission of protecting and defending the security of your information, the integrity of your company and the confidentiality of your clients.


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