HACCP: essential requirement for food exportation Marcela Ivankovich

If your company is dedicated to the food production and your objective is exporting to the North American and European markets, it is indispensable to have the HACCP certification, a food safety system that looks for guaranteeing the innocuousness of food for keeping the health and wellness of consumers.

HACCP means Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. This norm was born to be applied in the food industry, but today it is also used in the cosmetic and pharmacological industries and others that produce materials in touch with food.

Its mission is to identify, evaluate and prevent all the risks of contamination of the products in a physical, biological and chemical level, considering every stage in the supply chain: from when the company receives its raw materials to the distribution of the final product. Thanks to this analysis of the productive process, companies can establish the preventive and corrective measures to guarantee the innocuousness of food.

With globalization and the increment in exportations some international entities like FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and WHO (World Health Organization) have searched the way to get food commercialization with economic development for countries, keeping food safety in their inhabitants.

That is why today HACCP has so much relevance globally, because with this analysis companies can eliminate the presence of bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemical hazards or even physical hazards (glass, wood, metal) in food, guaranteeing the wellness of complete nations that can be affected by epidemics or public health problems for allowing the commerce with contaminated food.

Actually, countries like United States and the members of the European Union only receives products from suppliers that have the HACCP certification to demonstrate their products will not cause damage to consumers in their preparation or consumption. Also, there are supermarkets chains and other shops that demand this certificate as a requirement to be part of their suppliers list with the objective of offering innocuousness products and the best quality to the final consumer.




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