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The 5´S tool is a simple and economical technique that provides multiple benefits in any organization, applying the concepts of order, cleanliness and discipline. The origin of the name comes from the initials of 5 letters in Japanese:

Seiri. Sort and discard unnecessary material.

Seiton. Sort so that everything is in the assigned place

Seiso. Clean so that sources of dirt or contaminants are removed and preventive maintenance.

Seiketsu. Verify according to the display

Shitsuke. Discipline and commitment.

As you can see, the characteristics of Japanese culture are rooted in these principles, which we must adopt in our work centers if we want to obtain the following benefits:

  • Increased quality of finished products. By preventing contamination with machinery and facilities that do not meet hygiene requirements.
  • Minor accidents at work. When you put things in their place, there is a lower chance of trips or falls with poorly placed materials in hallways, stairs, etc.
  • Encourage teamwork. Since the application of the tool improves communication channels between work areas.
  • Cost reduction. With the increase in cleanliness and maintenance, the deterioration of equipment and infrastructure is less, and so is the investment in the purchase of new supplies.
  • To know more advantages and to apply the tool effectively, consult our courses on Development and implementation of the 5´S tool.

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