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Tourism is an important part of the country's economic activity. We have wonderful landscapes that are the attraction of national and international tourists. Increasingly, the sector is committed to models of sustainability, environmental policies and commitment to communities, which affects the decision of elections in tourists. As a consulting company, we help you obtain certifications at the tourism level, such as: Certification for Tourism Sustainability (CST) of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), Ecological Flag, organic certifications for your farms, ISO 14001 environmental management, Corporate Social Responsibility ISO 2600, Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP and other issues that are important to be handled by tourism businesses.

The CST applies to: hotel companies, restaurants, tour companies, theme parks, car rentals, who want to differentiate their tourism companies due to their commitment to the environment, communities, and the effective management of natural resources, cultural and social, increasing competitiveness, productivity, and efficient management of energy resources, water and emissions. Likewise, the safety of customers and workers is taken into account through emergency and occupational health plans.

Likewise, we advise for the obtaining of sanitary operating permit requirements, which include: emergency plan (signaling, drills, safety), occupational health plans, solid and liquid waste management.

On the other hand, at the level of gastronomic companies, it is important to know how to avoid dangers in foods that reach consumers. This is achieved through the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP System, and the proper management of food allergens, which are a problem for people allergic to certain foods and could seriously affect their health.

Therefore, SGE Consultores are at your service for advice and training in certification processes and regulatory permits.

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