Design your Emergency Plan with the help of SGE Marcela Ivankovich

Does your company have already the Emergency Plan asked for the Ministry of Health? According to the National Emergency Commission, the Emergency Plan is the product of some analysis, observations and planned evaluations that are directed and scheduled in a document; this document function as a guide for the prevention, mitigation, preparation, response and rehabilitation stages. These actions have to be done in case of emergency situations or imminent disasters.

In SGE we have 3 stages to obtain an Emergency Plan according to the needs and requirements of every company:

I Stage: Evaluation and planning

The risk conditions in the workplace are observed and studied in an internal and an external way to determinate the potential dangers and the situations that have to be considered during the emergency and that can generate damage to the persons, the installations and the systems of the company. This way, we compile the needed material to propose the corrective actions and to face those risks.

II Stage: Emergency Plan Implementation

An Emergency Committee is designed and its functions are established. This committee is responsible of coordinating the execution of the activities that have to be done before, during and after the emergency or the disaster. An evacuation plan is also implemented considering all the information that was generated in the Stage I of this process.

III Stage: Verification of the emergency plan adaptation and the follow-up schemes

The kind of evaluation that will be used is defined to determinate the functionality, range and limitations of the Emergency Plan and this way the needed corrections can be determined and done. This stage also includes a description of the actions that will be made for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the services as well as a calendar where dates will be scheduled for the fitting-out and reparations that will be made with the objective of reducing the installations vulnerability and the acquirement and installation of the necessary equipment to face the emergency.

It is important for the companies to know that a personalized Emergency Plan allows a return on investment reflected in the money savings related to insurance premiums, work disabilities, fines, penalizations and others.

The investment and duration of the project depends on the company size and location. Contact us and we gladly will prepare a service proposal for you.


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