Guidelines to prevent coronavirus Marcela Ivankovich

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared coronavirus a pandemic, a term that refers to an epidemic disease that spreads to several countries around the world simultaneously. This opinion has had an impact on the economy of the countries and, of course, has created changes in the methods of education and work, since the virus is transmitted from person to person through secretions produced by coughing and sneezing when inhaling. these droplets or by touching contaminated objects or surfaces and then touching your eyes, nose and mouth. To prevent the spread of the virus, the Ministry of Health published the document "General guidelines for owners and administrators of work centers for coronavirus" which establishes the actions to be taken to prevent the appearance of the virus in the work centers, which includes : behaviors and behavior of staff, clients and suppliers in the home isolation work centers, which includes: Guidelines for behavior in the work centers, and in the case of home isolation, provisions for the affected person and the caregiver. The provisions can also be applied to educational centers, businesses of all kinds and at home. You can consult the document at the following link:   Remember that others depend on your health!


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