ISO 27001 internal auditor Marcela Ivankovich

IEC / ISO 27001 is an international standard that establishes requirements for information security, whose pillars are based on the confidentiality and integrity and availability of the information that organizations have, including processes and documentation through an analysis risk management and establishment of controls to mitigate adverse effects on the management system.

This standard can be implemented in any type of company, regardless of its size or type of activity, and continuous improvement is essential for its updating and effectiveness.

One of the continuous improvement tools are internal audits, which are planned, independent and documented processes to evaluate the degree of compliance with an audit criterion, which can be a regulation. Therefore, understanding and applying the auditing techniques for the evaluation of the IEC / ISO 27001 standard becomes essential to adequately manage the risks and opportunities in the management of information security.

With the Internal Auditor course, you will develop adequate auditing techniques to verify compliance with the requirements of the IEC / ISO 27001 standard, promoting continuous improvement of your organization and information security.


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