Security of the information

Marcela Ivancovich

Information security, also known as cybersecurity or information technology security, is the area related to information technology that focuses on the protection of computing infrastructure and everything related to it and, especially, to the information contained in a computer or circulating through networks.

Due to the undeniable importance that new technologies have acquired within organizations of any kind, it is essential that computer systems are protected with efficient and effective security measures, so that they can safeguard the confidential information stored. These technologies brought with it the emergence of cybercriminals, who, for various reasons, extract confidential information, block systems or destroy them through viruses or computer worms, which cause invaluable losses.

This November 30 is the World Day for Information Security, and at SGE Consultores we want to share some knowledge on the subject, we can also advise and train it, so that, in this way, it manages to avoid information leakage digital of your organization.

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