For developing our consultancy service we use a highly participative methodology, where our client, through its personnel, becomes the owner of the system that he wants to implement and, while in SGE we work in functioning as a facilitator of the process.

When we assume our facilitator role, we start making some visits to the organization. In the initial stages, we will evaluate the main problems that the organization has, with the objective of improving the processes to avoid those problems.

At the same time, a leadership team will be created; with the help of the system manager, this team will make the scheduled activities: training, task assignation, and responsibilities, compliance follow up, definition, implementation and processes validation.

This way, the documents created as a first version will include major improvements in the processes that will be experimented in the management and controlled using the generated indicators to get an effective monitoring.

The pace of progress doesn’t depend on our consultancy company exclusively. It also depends on the disposition and commitment that the client has to accomplished all the tasks and periods assigned for each stage of the process.

Our company also promotes a constant feedback between the parts to make the needed adjustments opportunely to reach the expected objectives.

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