TESCO Natures Choice

TESCO Natures Choice is a norm that producers/suppliers of TESCO Supermarkets chain all over the world have to follow to supply fresh fruits and vegetables for salads.

To obtain this certification, producers have to demonstrate that their production develops in hand with local legislation and the legislation of the destiny countries; also their products can’t contribute to environmental contamination and they have to be safe for consumption.

The principal aspects that TESCO Natures Choices Norm covers are:

  • Rational use of agricultural inputs like fertilizers and pest control substance that allows reducing the risk for environment and humans.
  • Contamination prevention making an identification and reduction of potential contaminant agents.
  • Flora, fauna and landscape conservation, promoting the use of beneficial insects for pest control and avoiding chemical products.
  • Recycling, reuse and conservation of energy, promoting water recycling and improving efficiency.
  • Protection of workers’ health and security, indentifying and reducing risks and training personnel.